Thursday, 7 May 2009

Still shots....

I love detailed still shots in cartoons. Spongebob is great for it and Ren & Stimpy really pushed the technique too. I like them to be detail, gruesome detail. Sadly, I cannot paint in gruesome detail because I simply don't have the time or patience. But I do have Photoshop and an interest in children's colouring apparatus. Pastels, Crayons and PVA glue really get me off I tell you. I love just mucking about and drawing children's paintings. I

t makes me feel free and it makes me feel good about myself. I love all the imperfections and the pure joy of making something without having to worry about what anybody thinks, what the final product looks like. I intend to stick loads of them up on my fridge when I have a kid so that when people come around I can have them say..."Awwww did he/she do this at school" and I can say..."No, actually I did that one...all the ones that he/she brings home from school are shit and this fridge is reserved for people with talent...."

On that is the still frame you will see in the trailer filed under the heading, "Stupidity".

I planned it out in my new red pencil that I adopted...I love drawing in pencil crayon, the softer lead allows for mistakes and a lighter tone...then you just press harder and get the definition. Then tilt the pencil and shade away all the unwanted lines and mess. With lead you get stuff all over your hands and its a real pain in the arse when you come to trace the image later on.

Looking again now...(I did this first thing this morning and haven't seen it since) I actually really like the results. He looks like an idiot which is what I want and the pastel texture on the lines is great. I'm getting OK at this Photoshop nonsense if I do say so myself. Still doesn't beat drawing on your mums walls behind the sofa though.

Back to it then....

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