Saturday, 2 May 2009


It's a Saturday and I was up from 9:30 animating. The irony is that 9:30 is the earliest I've woken up all week...but it does mean I get to knock off a few hours earlier than usual because I've filled my quota for the day. The other irony is, even though its the weekend I have achieved more today that any other day of the week. I have animated a full scene for the trailer! Woot, go me. Well chuffed. The other news is that the animation is OK and I managed to get it all on the screen recorder, so you can watch it all been made in just over a minute, instead of the 6 and a half hours that it actually took.

So here we go: 6 and a half hours, condensed into just over a minute for a final result of just under 10 seconds of animation...if you do that math I was actually averaging over a second an hour....WOW!!!....or something:


This is a particularly good screengrab because you really do see everything getting built up. There isn't a single tween in this except for the water effect at the end...but me been the silly bugger I am, I didn't convert certain groups to objects before I animated them, so I had to colour them all in separately...which took ages. You can really see it come to life though. Right at the start I draw the main poses in...then I cut up the character and do a bit of puppetry, then I colour him in. Constantly rendering and checking everything looks peachy along the way of course.

Jolly good then. A few more days like this and I should have all the animation done by the end of the week so then I can spend next week doing the editing, effects and sound.... O JOY!

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