Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Getting there....

It's all starting to come together...the animation is getting somewhere near. Not to near a standard that I have impressed myself with or actually like...but certainly to a standard of acceptability with the deadline looming. I am hopefully going to be cutting together the final thing and doing all the sound effects this week. This is going to involved making some kind of EPIC soundtrack...dunno what I'm gunna do about that yet.

This is me colouring in another scene. In this scene we see U.A.C use her super power to stop a criminal from stealing a T.V. Its an unusual super power, granted. But if it gets the job done then so what.

I think this will probably be the last 'making of' video I put up because I really need to get on now and can't afford any time to be fiddling around with the screen recorder every time I need to access any files....it also puts a bit of lag on Flash which I normally don't mind putting up with. But under the circumstances I just need to crack on. So the next time I post it will hopefully be about cutting the final piece together, making the soundtrack or some other little job I have to do.

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