Tuesday, 19 May 2009


This project has been one of the best things I have ever worked on. I have learned so many new skills I barely know where to begin.

Sitting and watching the brilliant trailer that this project has culminated in, I can't help but feel a swell of pride. This started out as a ridiculous idea with a horrendously disgusting plot that had no real point or direction. It has ended up as something that not only proves a point, but is very entertaining and shows a lot of potential in my work.

My brief was to create a product for Adult Swim that could be shown to a target audience of 18 - 26 year old. This was an audience to which I wasn't accustomed because I like to try and aim at both adults and kids. At first I thought this a disadvantage but I was wrong and the focus on this audience really helped me pull together my character designs and humour because I already knew what was required of me. Furthermore, my research and creation of questionnaires that assessed a wide age range of people allowed me to really narrow my band until I knew precisely what my audience would respond to.

My brief also asked me to create a product which would allow potential spin-off products. In this case I chose to make an example of such a product by creating a comic book. I was completely new to comic books and really didn't know too much about them, but I sit here now not only with knowledge of their past, who made them and how they were made but also as a fan. I now love comic books and have been reading them and enjoying them continuously since this project began.

I have acquired so many new skills and learned to use so many new programs by stepping outside not only what I considered to be the boundaries of my abilities, but also completely new ground. I have learned to use Illustrator well and can now create cartoons with professional lining that gives them depth and balance. I have learned to use After Effects to a new standard and now understand so much more about how special effects are used within films at a base level to give them extra depth.

My drawing skills and character design were forced to improve so that I could create better looking characters that were anatomically correct, something that's very important in the comic book genre. My layout, shot choice, direction abilities have all gone up considerably and my understand of color choice is now at an all time high. I am really beginning to see things clearly now and know how to keep myself from rushing into things. I have learned for my mistakes and have applied them to this project and the results are better than anything I have achieved to date.

If there would be one thing I could change, it would be the deadline. With more time I could have done the animation to a better standard quite easily and quite happily. My T&P research and practise has really helped me gain a new understanding of how things and people move and I didn't really get to apply them to the animation because it needed to be done in time. With a further deadline I think I could achieved a better standard in certain scenes.

Overall, I am very, very pleased with my output for this project. Though it has been a long project that has lasted over two months I think I have created some great work. The trailer is fantastic, the comic book is both funny and well constructed and I have learned so many new skills that I have a new confidence in my ability to create exciting work that I am looking forward to applying to future pieces.

I genuinely think this project has been the most invaluable experience I have had all year.

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