Friday, 1 May 2009

Boobies and a Black Guy

For the last few days I have been animating boobies and a black guy...or rather Black Guy, my character. I had a bit of a mental break down on Wednesday...deadlines worries got to me and the results I was getting from my animation weren't particularly high. Adequate but not great. So after beating myself up all day, I sat down on Thursday morning to continue with new hopes and a bit of a buzz. Then I watched all of my work so far and started beating myself up again. After trying to work through the day and to not so politely put it, 'cocking things up' all morning I got my act together come the afternoon and remembered what animation is all about....ACTUALLY ANIMATING.

I was falling back on the computer far too much because of the short amount of time I have to work with. But I slowed down and accepted that the deadline is going to kill me and there is nothing I can do if I want some good results at the end of. I will however be knocking stuff together last minute, so I need this out of the a.s.a.p.

Anyway, here is Wednesdays and a bit of Thursdays work all condensed up. I turned the screen recorder off for the most of Thursday because I was stressing...which means I didn't get my best work on video because that is always the way it goes.


In Wednesdays video you see me animating a needlessly half naked girl...who points out to the audience that there is no reason for her to be half naked and that she wouldn't actually be in the scene if she didn't have 'big boobies'. The humour grates after a while so I don't know if its funny anymore. This is mostly computer animation and lip-syncing. I used a new lip-syncing technique I read up on ages ago but never tried. You use a graphic symbol and draw all the mouths into the symbol. You then set the symbol to only show a single frame and change the frame to the required mouth on each keyframe. It certainly speeds up the lip-syncing progress and with a bit more time I could have used some effects and tweening to get really, really great results.


In Thursdays Video you see. Me finishing up some lip-syncing on the Black Guy character before going back to an old scene and completely re-drawing and lip-syncing a previous scene. The results are better...but still not great. All of the future scenes will have a lot more REAL animation in and the difference will be noticeable, but hopefully forgivable.

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