Friday, 10 April 2009

Work Experience

I am currently on work experience at Hallmark in Burley, just outside Bradford and as such my work flow has slowed to all but a halt. However it is bank holiday Monday and I am sat here working on my college project. "It will definitely rain, its a bank holiday," I said. How wrong I was!

My dissertation is out of the way and I have finished the front cover design (Which looks pretty good and I'm quite chuffed with it. I knocked up five drafts all together and think the last one is probably the strongest one, so it was worth it. But with that under my belt, I have 7 weeks left in which to finish 3 Studio projects, put together the rest of my T&P project (About 15 more animation tests and things to do on that one) and put together an entire PDP folder. O...and a show reel - which cannot be finished until I have done some work that I actually want to put into a show reel.

Let it be known that whilst I am doing this work experience that is clogging up my social life and stopping me from working properly, I am still working. Here is a screen shot of the first scene of the animation. I will be making progress videos as I work in future...but as I only had an hour to sit down and work, I thought I would run with this.

The shot deliberately opens to quite a sunny scene. A toy lays beside a pram and a kind man has stopped to give the toy back to the crying child within the confines of the buggy. But all isn't as it seems. This shot is delicately optimistic and I think I will use this background for the whole shot, rather than making it darker when things turn a bit weird. I think the bright colours contrast what the viewer is seeing creating a sense of irony. I kept asking myself why this shot doesn't look right (Besides for the character been a silhouette) but its because they aren't casting any shadows.

And yes I am enjoying work experience.

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