Monday, 20 April 2009

Trailer Activate!

Started the trailer today. Deadline is looming on this one, so I have decided to put to the test some new limited animation techniques that I have learned. I will take you through a few of them as I go. I forgot to screen record the entire making of this first opening shot, so instead I will post the results of a few hours of animation work.


This is very early on, so the sound is just a scratch track (And slightly out of sync) and there are several adjustments to be made to the animation itself.

In the background an eerie version of rock-a-bye-baby is playing, but there is no indication as to why. This is the good unsuspecting character. I really like the opening shot. Because the audience will read the title first before seeing the clip, they will already have their own ideas as to what is going to happen. Through my research I know what effect the word 'Pervert' has on the brain, so to open up on a shot of a man leaning over a baby carriage will be very effective and un-nerve people. Of course, at the end of it all there is gag that catches out the audience and makes them consider what they have come to expect of not only what they see all around them quite openly these days, but what there own minds can think. I think this is going to be a really effective opening.

I am animating all day tomorrow and will be condensing the whole days work into however many minutes of film before uploading it and talking you through the video.

I'll leave you with this image of Captain Uber I was messing around with in Illustrator earlier...

This was my expression earlier when somebody told me there was only four weeks until the show has to be put up :O

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