Monday, 13 April 2009

Still experiencing work

Work experience is still ongoing and I'm learning lots of new stuff each day. All the After Effects talk around the department I'm working in got my interested in really exploring what the program can do. I learned a little bit at college last year, but never really applied it to anything. It's not for traditional animation, so I wasn't interested. But after doing a bit of commercial work and seeing how speedy animation needs to be, the chances of me doing any frame-by-frame work aren't high. Because of this I figure that picking it up and trying a few things out can't hurt. Anyway, here is a quick something I knocked up in a spare moment whilst on work experience.


There a few foibles, but I literally knocked this together.

After this fun bit of experimentation, I think I am going to do the final shot for the trailer in After Effects. I will also be treating all of my output in After Effects to colour correct everything and add some nifty effects that will really help the final piece to shine!

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