Tuesday, 28 April 2009


I'm putting together a few parts of my final show - what with it happening in just a few weeks. Now. Alongside finishing T&P and sorting all that PDP stuff (website, business card, CV etc...) out I need to knock together a show reel, make a load posters in full size and put together all my folders for the final show. Woot! Nothing like hard work I say. All this is alongside finishing up my trailer for my studio project and putting together my Hallmark work into a studio project...


Anyway, what Ive done today is draft up the two figures in going to be using as character cut-outs for my final show. One is of Pervert Man and the other of Captain Uber. Both needed to be posing in manners that suggested their character and immediately told the viewer a lot about them, whilst being eye catching enough to drag them over to my booth.

So this is what I've got.

I decided this is the pose I wanted for Uber. It shows stupidity and a belief in brawn over brains. So I relined it in illustrator and it turned out just lovely. It was interesting working for such a large medium and for a different kind of printing. I will be cutting out the image so I gave it it big thick black lines in case of 'accidents'.

I went for a totally new pose for Pervert Man. I had none that were suitable for the show...this one sort of involves the audience...I think that is why it works. I still kept the saggy breasts though...hanging on his arms...ugh. I like this drawing, but I prefer the original...it lost a little personality in transition and I fear this will be more so with a giant print....

There are no advantages to working in A3 but only have an A4 scanner....luckily that is where Illustrator comes in handy.

I've deliberately left the characters quite plain because I don't know what the lighting is going to be like in the room and if I start throwing moody lighting and sinister colours at the characters, only for them to be stood under a spotlit bright blue room, the effect will be lost and Captain Uber will just be a white and red outline.

Anyway. Show ho! And I'm off to the printers.

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