Friday, 17 April 2009

Pervert Man - Illustratred

I did this aaaages ago and forgot to make a post on it. As I am on work experience and don't have time to do anything new I thought I might as well play catchup and make this post that I forgot. I have been looking at some extreme cartoons recently where the characters get really warped and pushed past their original designs. They are broken, stretched and bent into never seen before shapes. With my nemesis been very evil, I wanted to see just exactly how far I could push the character and sick I could make him look, whilst still keeping his cartoony look and feel. This led me to start draughting up some ideas.

It started with a rough drawing. I could see a lot of action in this image and really liked it. This wasn't my first attempt though, several other ideas were (literally) thrown out.

I then brought the image into illustrator and began working my line magic. I was still quite young with the program and have since learned several techniques that will really help me to speed up the process in the future.

Finally, I added colour. I have learned a few more things since then about adding colour in illustrator. That isn't to say this looks bad. I want to have time to line the entirety of the trailer, but I don't so it will have to be done in Flash. I think good solid lining and drawing are what makes modern limited animation what it is. You can get away with murder when it comes to animation as long as your drawings have weight, balance and depth. I think this applied to traditional animation to certain extent also.

I am really pleased with this image and I think the lining is great. There is weight around the edges to define the characters and his face and features are individually highlighted, with a good sense of hierarchy. He also looks really, really mental which I love. I used the hair to form devil horns, I think this adds an extra sense of nastiness to the piece. Realistically though, this is just one drawing and I would need hundreds more of these to make a good limited animation. Sadly, I don't have the skill in Illustrator yet to speed up the process...thought I spent a lot of time with a girl from work experience learning Illustrator today, so that will probably change soon. In the future I think I will draw all my character in illustrator and bring them into Flash.

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