Monday, 27 April 2009

Monday - Scene 3

I drew up the background for this scene at the weekend and today I drew the characters in (Twice due to a crash) and then animated them. Again, its only computer animation...but there is a certain charm to this limited form of animation - that charm is that its really quick to do, but takes a little working to make it convincing.

Another 3 1/2 hours work condensed into one hot minute. I had paused it as I traced the character in from an original sketch and only noticed after I had finished. Anyway, you see me animate the character then go back and lip sync the scene.

I'm developing many, many skills from making these films. Animation is a technique that takes years to learn and a significant length of time to animating entire pieces and doing everything leads to limited animation required by the time frame. I would like to think that given the opportunity and time I would be able to make something I was proud to animate. But I am learning a lot about using different programs, the way they interact, recording and synchronising sounds, background design and layout - so I guess these are a whole bunch of other skills that I didn't think about before now that I might be able to go into a job with.

Anyway, its another scene in the bag. On to the next one.

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