Monday, 23 March 2009


Today I am starting the trailer...which means I finally feel like I am making progress. The next month is gunna be hella busy. T&P and PDP are the main things I will be working on for a few weeks along side finishing this project. Dissertation is due this Friday and whilst I have had it written and finished for over a month, I wanted another draft of it done. I will be picking it up tomorrow for any last minute adjustments and then i'll be getting it printed properly.

Anyway, along side some great stuff happening in my personal life - the band's 2nd album gets launched next Friday and we've got a few A&R shows to play before setting up the tour to promote the album - I will be piecing together this trailer....trouble is, I don't know if I'm gunna have time to do another project. Two weeks work experience in April mean that I will really struggle to get another project in there as well. I might have to do a last minute one, or turn my work experience into a last project.

Who knows?

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