Tuesday, 24 March 2009


I decided to really concentrate on a lot of the smaller details for this piece of work, ones that I usual just fob off because I like drawings cartoons that move around. This time I want absolutley everything within the piece to look top notch. The animation is going to be much smoother and better with more weight and life about it and I want to generally just acheive a new level of proffessionalism within my work.

I deliberately wrote a narrator into this trailer so that I could elongate the trailer, explain the concept of the film and give the trailer a 'trailer' feel. But, I didn't just want the usual 'swelling text' effect whilst the voice over told us what was happening so I thought, how could I use this in a way that is both funny, informative and suggestive. The text itself is a parody of what the narrator is saying because it only highlights the stupid the narrator says for comic effect. This adds to the 'silly' factor of the trailer.


I really wanted to do something special with the text that I hadn't tried before. So I learned how to use After Effects properly and came up with this effect. Obviously, this is just a test...that is why it says test...so there are a few things to iron out.

The effect may be basic to some, but I think it adds an 'epic' sense of feeling to the trailer and it also looks pretty good, which helps. Hopefully the rest of the trailer will be just as good :)

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