Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The Future of the Comic

I previously said that the future of comic books lies with the Internet. Well, there is another market out there that has serious potential to bring the comic book market into a bigger and better territory. Being a proud G1 Mobile Phone owner :D I often browse the market for new and free and apps for my phone and low and behold but what should be waiting for me when I enter the word 'comic', but several free comic book series that have been specifically crafted for the geeky mobile phone market. They are free too: which is a bonus.

Misery Depot is a sci-fi comic that you can download straight to your google phone, read online or download as a .pdf and it is completely free and done out of love and pride. It is an entertaining comic too. Well drawn, with a captivating plot and believable characters, this might put some of the comics that I would be willing to pay money for to shame.

Here is a great article that talks about this new and exciting comic book distribution method.

It would seem that the makers of the comic have worked really, really hard to push it. They are distributing via P2P, Internet Readers, .pdf, Mobile Phone and they have great Internet presence with there website and there blog! It really is a great comic and they have obviously worked extremely hard to get it this far.

On top of that there is a promo video on YouTube here.


Whilst I am posting, I will include another series that is just getting going, also available on the G1. It is called 'Hexed' and again it has a great plot that grabs you and makes you ask a thousand questions right from the start. It was also the first comic to be published for the G1!

There is a great review of this comic, along with a list of the pros and cons of reading comics on your mobile phone.



Ctrl+Alt+Del is an online comic strip that you can read on your browser and a series of shorts available to download on Xbox Live! This is definitely one of the funniest web comics around and even one of the funniest comics, with a very high consistency. It is mostly centered around geeky stuff and video games, which is probably why it appeals to me.

They also have another series called 'Silly's', an obvious pun on 'funnies' and a homage to the dying trend of newspaper cartoons. These are often very short quick fire jokes, deliberately black and white so they can be made in a matter of minutes and can easily deal with up-to-date news. This is similar to how South Park can churn out an episode on recent events within 6 days and allows for a lot of good clever satire whilst the issue is still hot in peoples minds.

The comic strip has a set of characters and has done since it started. They have grown and become different people as they have played more and more games and if you have followed it for a while like me, you really get to see there characters evolve, just like any following any of comic.

Proof more than ever that the comic book reading audience are alive and well, if just issued slightly differently. I believe that straight to phone comics have a lot of potential, especially for techno-buffs who like to be the first to buy things because they will more than likely be interested in comic books. In the same way I think the e-card market has room to expand into mobile phones, I think we are already seeing the start of something very fresh and exciting in the world of comic books, lets just hope that this new 'faddy' way of reading them doesn't wear out too quickly...otherwise its back to square one. But, if you make things easy enough for the user, they will keep coming back.

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