Thursday, 19 March 2009


Comic book is almost finished. Just wanted to drop an excited entry to say: WHIP YIP AND WOOT!!! This has by and far been the most patience trying exercise I have ever involved myself with and to see just a 'near-finished' product has got me very, very excited indeed.

I am really pleased with a lot of things about this comic. I think it marks a real move forward for me in terms of satirical writing and it has taken me a huge stride closer to getting my own brand of cartoon out in the open. I have learned so many new skills by chosing to do a comic book instead of JUST an animation because it has forced me to use different programs to get the results I want. Illustrator is truly a fantastic piece of kit and im really looking forward to getting to know the tool in further depth.

The front cover (Which I will post here) is painted in photoshop....I'm no the biggest fan of the tool - purely because I don't know much about it. But I had a friend show me a few things and then experimented a little bit and have found it to be good fun when you know you're way around. I am pleased with the front cover because it looks especially 70's-ish, if that makes any sense. I like how cheap and naff it looks because that is what I aimed for. This comic was crap, it got cancelled for been gross and indecent and it has been really fun striving to make it as cheesy as possible. I have also learned a bit about printing and a whole bunch about layout. Furthermore I am have got into comic books, something I could never see myself doing. I find them a really good source of fun and a great way to practise you're cartoon skills. They also teach you a lot about laying a story out and how to tell a story so that it makes sense and it has pace.

The Original 1976 comic book that was banned for being vulgar...

This has been a really exciting thing to do and although less than a week ago I was tearing out my hair, I really think I have knocked up something really good. Now I all I have to do is perfect the drawings, add the tri-tone colour palette to make it a bit easier on the eye and then print the bugger a few dozen times to impress all mi' mates!

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  1. Nice work indeed mr Dan. I can't wait to feast my eyes on this comic that you've tried so hard to finish. The cover looks awsome and nice photoshop if I do say so myself.

    As for the illustrator drawing, can you throw a quick tutorial my way? I've been finding it very difficult to get into it. Seriously mate good work. Hopefully you'll enjoy my bike designs just as much. You in tuesday or wednesday?