Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Writings in the Perversion of Justice

I have had a positve but mixed response to my ideas so far: but most of the feedback has been good from the age group I am aiming at...unfortunately, the feedback from the older age group has been quite apprehensive and understandably so.

One of the things that I am struggling most with this project is that I have a good sense of just how twisted and dark the humour is. Perverts and sexual deviants are not funny and they are not tolerated in this society. A lot of people, including myself, consider this a very serious issue...it is almost taboo to even speak of it, let alone make an entire cartoon based around the idea of it.

But one of the things that encouraged me to go ahead with this project was dissertation. The main thing I took away from writing it, was that animation is definitely not on its arse and the Internet has provided an open forum for comedy like this. I was really quite afraid at one point that moving into the 2D animation industry was quite stupid just as the 2D animation industry was moving into the 3D business. But, studying the effects TV had on society I couldn't help but notice the parallels in the modern day with the Internet.

The Internet provides a safe heaven for writers and animators to do and say whatever they like. It is cheap to produce for and costs hardly anything to host and I think that it is the next place for animation to move onto...in fact as I wrote at the end of my dissertation: I believe the transition has already begun because this darker edge of animation is only a mouse click away.

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