Friday, 20 February 2009

Two Days

Before I continue I feel it necessary to tell you that it is a reading week at College at the time of writing this...whilst not a holiday, it has certainly stunted my progress.

I have been fixing things for the last few days. Computers and other electronics that seemed to think that I have nothing better to do or more important to concentrate on. However, I do. And it still hasn't stopped me working, it has however slowed me down. I will post here the only drawing I have managed to get done and then I will tell you about the comic (Which is now fully planned - post on this later) and I will tell you about the storyboard for the trailer...which has just been touched upon.

How much sillier can I get with this character is what I asked myself when drawing this? Well...a lot apparently.

I have been watching the new season of Spongebob Squarepants (Well, currently available on DVD new season...not the new, new season...) and was truly surprised at just how much they have changed the animation. At first, I was apprehensive. I had heard that the animation was significantly different and that Spongbob's voice was a lot higher and closer to how it is in the movie and what I heard was right. But I have to say, it is much, much better for it. I love the older episodes but the newer stuff is laugh out loud funny.

It's much more adult and some of the expressions that Spongbob pulls make me spurt milk out of my nose. What I particularly like is that no one movement is the same anymore and that there is no set 'style'. If Spongebob is doing karate then he adopts a very Japanese style of animation, if he needs to be cute and fluffy they call upon the 'greeting card' style of drawing and if he needs to be completely over the top, they use the 20's rubber hose style. It is almost as if the animation itself has become a parody of itself.

I saw this starting a while ago online, but I am surprised by how fast it has made it into a mainstream animation like Spongebob. By using certain styles of animation you use certain cliches that people recognise and send up your own cartoon at the same time as telling the story. This is so that the adults watching the cartoon with their kids can also laugh at the drawings, instead of just the dialogue. It works so so so well, that it is something I have decided to incorporate into my own animation. For years I have enjoyed many different styles of animation in the same way I have enjoyed many styles of music. With music you don't seem to be able to get away with bluntly sellotaping different styles together...but in animation, it actually helps to convey what you are trying to say. This is something I had never considered before, but now I have noticed it, I'm very interested in applying it to my next piece of work. I will probably do another post with some more examples.

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