Thursday, 26 February 2009


Storyboarding is still an activity that I haven't quite got my head around. I do things very rough deliberately, partially out of laziness and partially because I am concentrating on getting the shots right, making sure that the what each shot is trying to say is clearly stated and staged. Its a tricky balance and one I am quick to admit I am not that great at...but with study and practise I am getting there. I say it a lot - but working alone, you don't really need a storyboard because you have everything in your head...but it does help to lay it out on paper.

Essentially though, by the time I am finished I have directed, laid out, storyboarded, animated, voiced, sound edited, video edited and completely created my own cartoon....I'd say I am only good at very a few things on that list, with storyboarding and layout been my worst and directing coming a close second. But...practise makes perfect and all that. I don't want to give away too much of the plot on here because I like to leave some things to the imagination and at least have there be some surprise in the final piece. So I won't be posting the whole storyboard and this time I am only making a hopefully won't take quite as long - this is something I think is important with all the other work that needs finishing at the moment.

Anyway: here are a few examples of the storyboards this time around.

I think the opening scene is really going to grab the interest of the viewer...because its quite a twist on what a lot of people might be expecting from the title. I thought this was a really good way to get people questioning their own though process. They here the word Pervert as they read the title before they play the video...then the first thing they see is a pram without a parent around a man picking it up and peering into a cot. Immediately the mind tells you something is a bit sick this....but then, there is a big surprise waiting around the corner that will have people asking themselves...." I a pervert for thinking that would happen or is it just I am shown so many things like this in the news and on television that I expected it to happen". I thought this was a really good way to turn the audiences own mind back around on them.

Strangely, this is the scene I am most looking forward to animating. I think its one of the funniest scenes in the entire thing. It follows the line: "Only one man can save us..." and then, its Captain Uber dragging himself along the floor trying to reach a hot dog. Awesome. Hot dogs are Captain Uber's power source by the way....but mustard is his Kriptonite. Nostrils of FIRE!!!

I decided to do my storyboard on the computer this time around to help with clarity. The ridged boxes surrounding the boxes don't distract the eye from the important part of the storyboard...the story. It actual helps carry the eye from drawing to drawing, so that you can see the continuity and make sure it is there. Also, by doing it on the computer it means I can adjust anything I need to quickly, meaning I can change things as I go. So far I think this is the better way of doing it. I am just finishing my storyboard...if you're lucky I might post some more images in another post...but none to ruin the final product!

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