Monday, 23 February 2009

Still going...

Another week on this cartoon and I have to say that my interest isn't at its highest at the moment. I am letting things get on top of me and the pressure of the hard couple of months is really burdening me at the moment. I am trying to push it to one side because I know compared to many other people on my course, I am ahead of the game. My T&P is coming along nicely, my dissertation is first draft going on second and my studio is work is in good shape - although, again my research isn't quite coming together...or at least I don't think it is. My PDP is behind I think, but I know what I have to do for it so again I think I'm going to be OK on that one. After writing this opening paragraph I really am beginning to wonder why I am panicking.

I'll open the post by telling you that this week I am moving into the main part of my project. I am finishing my storyboard this week for the trailer and I am putting together the comic book amongst other things. I was hoping to have this project tucked away by mid-March...but I think its going to be later March when its done. Then I have a placement to do at Hallmark in April, which I am looking forward to, but I will be working on my next project at the same time: which I have drawn up a concept and brief for already. Surely, actually working a job can't be this hard and the added benefit of not being as poor as a student at the time of a recession won't be hanging over my head. Anyway.

This is the first drawing of the week. Not sure what to think of it yet. Will come back and edit my opinion in later:

I can't believe I originally hated planning drawings. For one, I love drawing in red pencil. It doesn't constrain me and I feel like I'm a kid and its OK to make mistakes because I know I've got a second chance at getting it right. Here Pervert Man is actually in contact with Captain Uber...I quickly decided that this looked difficult to read and messy, so with the magic of computers I moved him away after I lined him in.

Normally I save a version before I colour the characters in, so that you can see the final lining. But I tough, really.

26th Feb 09' - edit:
This is the first time I've drawn these two together and I love how I've managed to 'oppose' the two characters designs. I am really proud of how deliberately different they look and how easy this makes this image to read. If I was to hand this to somebody and say...whats going on - they would answer: 'The good guy is punching the bad guy' which is absolutely perfect. Coming back to this drawing was a really good idea because a few days later, I have to confess to quite liking it, even though it is far from perfect.

Well. Onto the meat and pie part of the project: exciting! :D

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