Friday, 20 February 2009

Progress Report

I have taken a big step in the right direction today. This week I have felt like I haven't worked anywhere near hard enough...but that is because this week hasn't been about drawing anything or has been about planning. I have just finished putting the final touches on the script for the trailer and before that I just finished writing up the plot and dialogue for the comic book that I will be making first. I am very pleased with both of them: the trailer is especially fun and I am looking forward to trying out some new techniques and making my best piece so far.

Both of the scripts are completely over the top and both are very, very crude. After spending nearly two weeks dilly-dallying, I read a lot of the questionnaire's that I got back after handing them out and it would seem that offending people, (Especially people from my own age group) is a lot more difficult than I previously thought. This has led me to just press on and move forward with my ideas. It is still tongue in cheek and it still tries to carry some morals, but it is also a comedy cartoon. I really think I have got the balance right, which is rewarding after putting so much effort into trying to make this piece carry the correct message and tone. Of course, I won't find out if I have been successful until it is made, so I could have completely cocked it up.

The comic is deliberately a little cruder because well...the idea is that it supposedly got banned from being published after the first issue, so I wanted to make it quite crude so it was obvious why. I have already begun to plan the comics layout: here is an example of me trying to get it right. The printing of the comic should be the fun bit, because I want to be able to staple it together so that it can be read.

In the top image...I was considering doing the comic monochrome to save time and money...I was also experimenting with which looked better: hand drawn and written speech bubbles or computer drawn and typed bubbles. I think the latter personally, otherwise it is all a bit too messy. The bottom image uses limited colours: I think I am going to use this throughout the comic, just to make it a bit more interesting. I am also going to try and find out how to adjust the dps when printing so as to get the same effect that comics used in the 70's.

This doesn't feel like progress...even though it is big step towards what I am trying to do. It is however time to crack on and this where the real work begins. Whoop!

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