Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Pervert Man

Pervert Man is the most evil, nasty and vile criminal in the my yet un-named metropolis-esque town. His conception as a character was purely out of fun. I was just drawing and practising in an attempt to be the cartoonist that I one day dream of being when I cooked his character and personality up and sketched him flat out. I was really pleased with his form and how much life and personality I managed to inject into him.

This was during my personal cartoon renaissance in October of last year that, I conceived my Captain Kirk cartoon character and I learned the true meaning of 'line of action'. Practise and persistence of brought me to the level I am currently working at and I am serious proud of my achievements thus far. I am just praying I can make my trailer look half as good as some of these drawings.

So here his is profile, followed by some early sketches - through to how he currently will look in the cartoon. He is by far the most developed character:

Cape-Name: Pervert Man
Real Name: Moe Lester
Age: 43
Height: 5'11
D.O.B: 16th Nov 1966
Place of Birth: The Centre of Hell (A small town just outside Stratford-upon-Avon)

This is the original drawing of Pervert Man done around October time. He has a lot of appeal in his design, even though he is the bad guy. I deliberately drew the mouth as a separate entity for ease of animation...but also as a send-up of The Simpson's style. By using something that the audience finds familiar, I hope to gross them out more by perverting something that they know and like.

From there I tried to exaggerate some of his poses, this was just over a month ago. I wasn't happy with this at all and decided I had burned out from my other projects, another reason I did my dissertation earlier. I felt they contained no life and they were just lethargic.

When I went back to it, my drawing style had changed a lot. I felt more comfortable with exaggerating things and I was doing a lot of personal research on the technical sides of a good drawing. I hadn't learned about twinning at this point though, so this pose isn't particularly great. I started drawing in red to get the rough pose right and then using a pencil to mark out the lines I wanted to use. I felt this was good practise for the work I am hoping to go on to do.

Taking his first steps. This was me attempting to draw the original drawing in my new style. I discovered that by exaggerating Pervert Man's features, he suddenly became a lot darker and evil. His dark eyes are actually his mask and breasts and bulge are accentuated because his suit is actually made of purple PVC. He wears marigolds over his hands because his suit is very homemade.

This drawing was where all of the features started to pull together. The bus stop that Pervert Man is waiting at isn't in shot, so it doesn't make complete sense. But even tho this pose doesn't contain a lot of action, it tells a lot of story. Although, looking at it now it seems quite dull.

An attempt to make him more evil led to this pose. I really like how horrible his breasts look in this drawing. I chose the saggy man boobs as an extra device to make the audience feel more grossed out by this truly disgusting villain.

The leer! I really like this drawing a lot. It contains so much action and is really over the top disgusting. I wanted to see just how far you could push his character and I reckon I can go even further now I have the full design down.

This is my latest drawing of Pervert Man. As you can see, I have a much better sense of action and pose in this drawing. There is no twinning and although you can't see the little boy that Pervert Man is about to grab, it is still a very ugly pose. I opted to make his boots quite flimsy after getting inspiration from the Dwarf's feet in Snow White. I really like that they don't wear boring static shoes because there feet have so much more freedom.

I will be doing a profile of each character with a finished coloured drawing and posting them here as they are done. I will also be creating a film poster to accompany the trailer.

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