Monday, 16 February 2009

Other Main Characters

There are many characters in this story and so far I have only introduced you to two of them. In this post, I will introduce you to Captain Uber's best friend and sidekick: Black Guy and Uber's love interest: Unnecessarily Attractive Counterpart (UAC for short). I will also introduce you to Pervert Man's sidekick: Pin-Down-Panda (PDP).

There are many more characters I have written for the episode that will not be seen in the trailer and I have deliberately limited the amount I'm making so that this project meets the deadline.

I will start with Uber's best friend and sidekick: Black Guy. He is the 'token black guy' of the cartoon and is his relationship with Captain Uber is a reference to the relationship that JD and Turk have in Scrubs. Accidental and borderline racism for the benefit of a predominantly white audience. I personally find Scrubs hilarious and am a big fan of the series, but I have always wondered about the implications of broadcasting jokes like that to millions of viewers worldwide.

Black Guy is the biggest and meanest laundromat owner in history. When he was a young child he discovered a penchant for washing clothes, proving from a very young age that he could wash and clean clothes better than any one else. He didn't know he had super powers at the time and when he found out he wasn't interested in using them anyway. But he does believe in justice and will always lend a hand when needed.

Above is Black Guy in costume...or not in costume. Whenever he does battle he tears off all his clothes except for his underwear. He is absolutely massive and only has one weakness: mice. He hates them. And whatever you do, don't show him some dirty laundry because dirty laundry makes him maaaad!

In drawing we see a very happy black guy, fully dressed and hanging up some washing to dry. I love the irony of having a massive, huge, muscular guy whose hobby is doing the washing.

Next up is Unnecessarily Attractive Counterpart (UAC). She is a spoof of several characters including Cat Woman, Stripperella, Wilma Flintstone and every blonde girl you have ever met. She is to highlight the surplus requirement in ever superhero comic to have some girl with massive boobs running around the place. She is to spoof the fact that attractive women are used and abused in an attempt to attract a bigger audience and to spoof the television executives approach to making a good TV programme: The bigger the breasts, the bigger the viewing figures.

UAC is a young, attractive and fresh member of A.R.S.E (The Alliance of Respected Super Entities). Captain Uber takes an immediate fancy to her and this plays a heavy part in the movie that will never be made but has a trailer that doesn't include said piece of information. She has multiple powers including: Hypnotic Breasts (Used to stun her enemies) and her mean weapon the Purse of Protection. The Purse of Protection allows UAC to help out her fellow super entities by providing a shield with her handbag. It also has a brick inside which really helps when using to twat people in the face.

I have never really drawn a female character before that had the necessary requirement to be extremely attractive. This posed a problem and I had to quickly learn. Lucky, I am a bloke and this seemed to come really easy to me. Big hip, thin waste, nice thighs and big boobs. Done and done. It occurred to me how much I have been conditioned by television and other media outlets into thinking only certain parts of a woman's body are attractive whilst others are not. In an attempt to not feel like a complete asshole I concentrated on making her hair and eyes very alluring, as these two features are far more important when drawing your eye. Long wispy eye lashes help to make the eyes appear bigger and the Farrah Fauschett hair with the Wilma Flintstone curl make her appear quite diva-ish. It's weird that I felt bad deliberately making a women attractive when it was the most important part of satirising this kind of character, thus satirising the people who think it is ok to use women in this way. If anything, I should feel good because im trying to point out that this is wrong.

The head is all wrong in this drawing. But I was concentrating on the pose. This character needs a lot more development yet, but she will only briefly be seen in the trailer so this work can be done digitally and on the fly: all that matter is that her basic design and necessary (Or rather unnecessary) features are in place.

Finally we come to Pin-Down-Panda (PDP).

PDP was a child's teddy bear at one point, but Pervert Man stole it from its owners pram and brought it to life in what would have been comic two: A Fluffy Frankenstein. Now he can't do anything but his masters bidding; even though he doesn't wish to. At his masters command he can transform into a giant snarling beast with incredible strength.

PDP is a very early character but I am not sure whether he will make an appearance in the trailer. I would like make an episode in which he is made giant and destroys the town. He is an innocent bear that is forced to do things he would rather not do.

As well as transforming into a giant beast (That I have not yet designed...) he also has the ability to disguise himself as a teddy bear. This means he can sit next to prams and kind hearted passers by will pick him up to give him back to its owner. But when they pick him up, he snatches them off and takes them back to Pervert Man so that he can 'Pervert' them and turn them in to raging maniacs who only act on their deepest and darkest desires.

This is the most recent drawings of PDP. There really isn't much more to do with him other than design a really big, scary and evil version of him.

So, they are the extra characters. Each on is an attempt to send-up something about modern culture or other modern cartoons that I personally find ridiculous or funny or every wrong. The idea behind this cartoon is to get people thinking about what constitutes right and wrong in the things they allow themselves to watch.

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