Tuesday, 3 February 2009

My Character's

After my character design research I went back to my own characters. Character designs need to help reflect a characters personality or at least communicate an immediate visual message to the viewer, perhaps even a message that cannot be verbally communicated. My story is a send-up of this genre of satire: a satire of a satire if you will. It takes everything that is bad about a typical Hollywood action flick and then accentuates it ten-fold.

I need to create designs for all the major players in my piece. These include:
  • Captain Uber - Needs to be heroic, masculine and slightly stupid.
  • Pervert Man - Needs to be evil, sickening to look at and a little bit scary.
  • Black Guy - Needs to be quite stereotypical in appearance to fit in with personality. He is Uber Man's best friend.
  • U.A.C - Unnecessarily Attractive Counterpart is Uber's squeeze. She is deliberately stereotypical to fit her personality.
  • Pin-Down-Panda - This is Pervert Mans evil side kick. His visual appearance should be one of innocence to mislead the audience. But when gets angry, he turns into the most foul creature on the planet.
These are my main players and I will be doing a post for each character starting with Pervert Man. There are other characters that need inventing and drawing, so maybe I will dedicate a post to the 'extras'. The trailer can't be too long though and its certainly interesting trying to make one out a film that isn't made yet. Normally, a trailer takes all the best bit of a film that is already made...but in this case I get to choose my favourite un-finished ideas or bits from a script and try and make an exciting and punchy trailer from them. Kind-of doing it the wrong way around. I am hoping it will be so good and so well drawn and animated that people will be interested enough to want to see the full cartoon...then I will know I'm hitting the mark.

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