Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Many of you...or rather the few people this website, may have noticed my brand new logo at the top of the page! I'm pretty chuffed with it and think it adds a certain senes of proffesionalism to the place!

The slogan, "Are you entertained yet?" is a major part of what this particular piece is about. I am not just lampooning the 'superhero' genre, but I am asking the viewer to consider what they are watching. Hollywood gets all sorts of hot-shot young directors staight out of college who think they know whats-what(Hey I should know, I am one myself). But they never real;ly take the time to consider the great ramifications of their work. They pump out bildge and smut that pisses away the last bit of respect the movie industry has...and worst of all, people have come to expect it and in some cases even enjoy it.

This piece is for comedy value and it is not to be taken in earnest. But at the same time it does carry a message: you don't have to watch something, just because it is put in front of you! People take things at face value way too much, how far does it have to go until somebody stands up and says: actually, this is really going to go and make the effort to find something with substance.

Anyway, here are some screenshots of me building my new logo:

Here is my first attempt: this was yesterday. I gave up halfway through because I knew it wasn't what I was looking for. I still wanted to use 3D lettering but it didn't look right and the colours were all wrong. This was a spur of the moment thing with no planning. So today I went to my paper with a pencil and jotted down a rough idea of what was in my head.

Here is the concept design. I wanted to go with quite a pointy design for 'Pervert Man' at first, but it didn't look quite right. Above that you can see quite a nasty, squiggly design, but this also didn't quite suit. So I opted to go with something a little less 'regular'.

Here is the design before it is coloured. Originally the V was not a man was a lady part, I decided to change this because I figured there is a limit to everything...and that was mine. There were a lot of little changes made along the way...especially with the VS sign and colour choices. I wish I had taken more pictures along the way, but I got so into it that I was done before I knew it and didnt have chance!

And here it is: the final logo. I don't think the penis' stand out too much, which was my intention. I chose baloons for 'man' because I didn't want it to get too penis-y. You cannot see it in the logo version here, but in the final cartoon the ballons will actually be moving and held by the little boy that features throughout the cartoon.

Overall I think it is a fun design that says everything I want my audience to see before they even see the trailer. And I think it looks nice and shiny at the top of my blog-page.

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