Friday, 13 February 2009

Gettting Away with Murder

There is a well known British publication now published monthly 10 times a year...yes, that's what I said, called, Viz. It is a compilation of fart jokes, satire and swearing bound as a comic and sold for the last 25 years. From its sweatshop like roots, to its million copies sold monthly years; Viz has become a standard in corner shops 'adult section' and I have read it since I was far too young to know the meaning of half the words. My dads Viz annuals and books provided a source of much laughter and dare I say 'education' for me and to an extent, they still do today. As I am researching comics, I thought it best to find out just how much you can get away with and still get issued....and it turns out: you can get away with almost anything. Suddenly, the chances of me offending anybody seem very slim indeed...and inspiration would lead me to say: bugger it if it does anyway.

The drawings style is a send up of post-war cartoons like The Dandy and The Beano, except far more rude and crass. I really like the cover of this months edition, I love how they still paint their covers properly. I would like to find out how to gain this effect in a computer programme so that I could incorporate it into my own front cover. Something else to investigate I think.

I always loved 'The Fat Slags'. They really make me giggle because the characters are so recognisable. This comic provides real inspiration to just stick to your guns and do what you think is best.

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