Monday, 16 February 2009

Digital Ink - Captain Uber

Lot's of updates today, it has been a good first day of the week and I am pleased with how much I have got done.

To top it all of I have got the final design of Captain Uber down after moving him to digital ink. I slapped this together earlier today but waited to post it last because I am really chuffed with how it turned out.

It all started with this wire frame. My priorities were: emphasise his size (He is a dwarf) and make him look stupid. The line of action was to help me visualise and give him a sense of weight and action. This line can be seen running straight through the middle of the shapes. The circles with the lines in are to help me with the layout, perspective and direction of the characters body. The frame and plan overall are to help me with the characters proportions. I would not have achieve this drawing without the above plan.

Using my previous drawing as a building block, I set out to make sure that he looked exactly how I wanted him to. I love using the plan now instead of drawing straight ahead, which is a significant change and an important advancement for me personally. I used to hate planning and layout, now I think it is essential. You can see from the above drawing that I made a lot of changes from the original frame. The lip is thinner and more arrogant. His muscles and arms are drawn in slightly different places that help him appear bigger and stronger - this wouldn't have been possible without having already made the mistakes and been able to see them as I worked, allowing me to correct the drawing as I went along.

Take away the grid and this is what you are left with. I am very pleased with the final drawing, although I am still not happy with the lining. I have got it thinner and more consistent, but it lacks any humanity because I turned off the weight and tilt settings on my drawing pad. I really need to get on my T&P and research how to get those great 'Cow & Chicken' lines. I think this will be essential for making sure my cartoons look great. I wanted him to be sticking out his butt a bit more...the little lump just doesn't quite cut it and in retrospect actually does nothing for the final drawing. At least with digital ink it is much easier to make this sort of changes.

I messed around with some colours for a while and settled on this one for now (It will probably change). I chose the Captain America style colours because I wanted people to recognise the satire. I love how muscly he looks because it helps to make him look shorter, which overall makes him look more stupid.

There is still progress to be made, but I feel that I am constantly taking steps in the right direction. My drawing is getting better and better, but I'm still not happy. I know with some practise I can be better...but that will have to come later. Now it is time to plan the comic and storyboard the trailer. Time is running out and I really need to stop fretting about offending people and just crack on with my ideas.

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