Tuesday, 3 February 2009

The Comic Book that Never Was!

At the beginning of this project I wanted to make a trailer for the 2nd episode of Captain Uber Vs. Pervert Man because I wanted the first episode to be a comic book. The idea was that the TV show has been adapted from this cult comic that never existed and I was really fond of this idea.

I don't know much about comics and I was looking forward to learning more about them. How to draw them and make them exciting and that sort of thing. They are something I never took the time to get into, but since starting this project I have been reading some for inspiration and now I am considering going back to my original idea and making a comic book aswell.

This concept revolved around the idea comic series had never made it past the first issue and some crappy Hollywood director had found the comic and decided to make a rubbish Hollywood action film out of it. It was a world within itself and it gave me the room to make a crude and rough job of the comic on purpose so as to fit the story - essential a good way for me to make mistakes and not have to pay for them.

The comic's plot introduced the two main characters and that was it. There were no side-kicks and the characters were arch-rivals. The story unfolds after Pervert Man steals Captain Uber's girlfriends clitorus and Uber can't satisfy her anymore. A huge show down insues on The Golden Gate bridge where Pervert Man is threatening to cast the clitorus into the shark infested waters belows: a delibratley cheesey and over the top plot... i.e the reason the comic never took off.

I didn't think I would have time to do both, but I going to pull out the stops and give it a whirl. At worst I can still put it towards the trailer and the rest of my work: even if I don't end up with a finished product!

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