Monday, 16 February 2009

Captain Uber's Logo Design

Each character has his/her own logo for their costume that I will probably design on the fly, but considering Captain Uber is the 'main' character I wanted to put special effort into designing his. So I have come up with a sheet of designs and I just wanted to take you through a few of my favourites.

I decided to come up with three main variations and then try out different colour schemes on each. They are divided into three lines with different in colour and design adjustments on each variation.

No.1 was my original design, but it didn't quite work. I thought adding colour and trying different things out might help, but it didn't. I tried making the gap in the 'U' larger, smaller, thinner and the like, but overall the logo just wasn't quite right, so I moved onto another design.

I really like the second line's design. No.5 is very bold and I really like the design. It would look good at one side of the costume near the top. No.6 is also quite bold, but I am not fond of the big black outline around the circle. No.8 was my favourite until I started making this I prefer No.5.

The final design was intended to be a full chest sized design. No. 9 is probably the only one I really like out of this variation, although No.12 looks good when it isn't on a bright orange background. The background is orange because originally I wanted to make Captain Uber bright orange. But there is a cartoon called, Burnt Face Man on (Where my trailer will eventually end up to try for a personal goal of front page) and I thought they might be too close.

This was a fun little distraction and it was great fun to try my hand at some graphic design again. There a few I really like, but overall they aren't great. I haven't made my mind up which I am going to use yet: but I am sure you will see in the final trailer. I really like the effect I have on the title at the top though, with the embedded red, white & blue.

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