Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Captain Uber Vs. Pervert Man

Let me begin by explaining my idea to you.

Captain Uber is the greatest superhero the world has even known. He is the most significant member the Alliance of Really Super Entities (A.R.S.E), a group dedicated to the fighting of crime.

Pervert Man is the most evil super villain the world has ever known. He and his sidekick, Pin-Down-Panda have hatched their most devious plan to date: they are going to spike the town's water supply and go on the largest mass perversion of justice in history.

I have written the full cartoon, but it would probably roll in at between 8 and 10 minutes worth of animation: impossible in a month and half. Thus, I am making a trailer for it instead. One thing I really want to bring into this cartoon is a question of morality. I want the audience to question why they watch such degrading and filthy content in other TV shows and also get them to wonder whether they would be so accepting if the same script was put to a live-action film.

After presenting my idea to a group of around 15 people the other day I have decided to dumb down and flat out cut some of the original content for the University environment. Certain words carry so much taboo that even I think they are bad. This is a real point of contention for me, because I'm not sure if it also means I am under selling the cartoon and losing some impact just because I am worried about offending some people, but entertaining a lot of others. I cannot be everything to everyone.

This is something I really have to think about.

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