Tuesday, 3 February 2009

The Brief

Brief - Create an animated TV Pilot aimed at an adult audience.


Adult Swim or [adult swim] is an adult orientated television network that shares network space with Cartoon Network in the United States. The channel mainly shows classic animated cartoon series such as Space Ghost Coast to Coast, but is also well known for its other programmes due to high DVD sales. These include the cult hit Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the ongoing stop-motion series Robot Chicken. Unlike its counterpart Cartoon Network, [adult swim] is aimed at a 17+ audience. Their programming is mostly unedited and contains everything that the shows makers originally wanted their audience to see; this is where its popularity and reputation has grown from.


With your research you should aim to gain a clear sense of the tone of adult animated shows. You should choose a wide range of source material making notes from each source on what you think each one exemplifies about adult animated television shows. Further research should lead you to investigate the creators and developers of shows that you consider to be aimed at an adult audience.


Create a pilot ‘episode’ of an adult animated television. Your piece should tell a story from beginning to end and include situations and characters that your target audience can both appreciate and relate to. It should contain moderate adult themes that can actually be aired on television. But remember, there are limits on how far you can push the envelope.


Your ‘pilot’ needs to should show that you have gained a clear understanding of the tone of programming that adults have come to expect from animated shows aimed at them. It should also show off your own individual style and brand of animation, after all: this is your show!

Note: Your final piece does not have to be a full length episode, it could be a scene, segment or even a trailer of your planned show.


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